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About Jester

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This week is about the novella, Jester, which is based on a screenplay that I wrote several years back. I submitted the Jester the Clown screenplay to the Writers Digest contest and came in ninth place out of over thirty thousand entries; it was a very exciting moment for me. With that in mind, I decided that it would make a good novella and published Jester at the end of August 2013.

Krisztina Peters, one of my favorite characters, first appeared in the novella Deadly Affairs as the lead detective on the case. She is of Hungarian descent and rather striking. Her caramel colored eyes, chestnut-brown curly hair (which she hides beneath a Bali hat for only God knows why), very light tan completion and a tweed jacket that she would rather die in than discard, looks more like a young college professor than a major player in the Dallas Serial Crime Unit.

Krisztina is driven by the horrible experience of nearly being raped as a child by a pedophile, the janitor that lived in the basement of the same apartment building where she and her parents resided. Unbeknownst to the authorities, the janitor was a serial killer who got more than he bargained for. Krisztina was able to fight back—kicking and screaming, overtaking him with his own pipe wrench that weighed almost as much as her at the time. Escaping the monster, she then called the police who then imprisoned the janitor.

That near-death experience and the interaction with the police left an impression on the eight year old for life. It was then she made a promise, no monster would ever go free.

However, Krisztina is not without faults, her passion to rid the world of monsters leaves very little room for a personal relationship and she is forever searching to find the right partner to share her life.

Left at the altar, Krisztina is not very fond of men, especially her former fiancé that she caught in her bed with her best friend. Angry, she fired two rounds into the headboard, just above their heads, to prove a point – she really wanted to hurt them. That misdealing led her to suspension from the force until the Deadly Affairs case.

As luck would have it with Krisztina and the men in her life, her current live-in boyfriend, Robert, is really living with her for the benefit of sex and free rent; however, she makes Robert pay dearly for his actions. She hasn’t put a bullet into the headboard, but the thought has crossed her mind.

Her hatred for killers causes her problems as she carries the anger deep inside. And because of this, she has problems focusing, along with controlling her anger. It only worsens when she sees Robert with another woman.

She carries the nickname, Hungarian Princess; a name given to her by her partner when she first made detective in the Dallas Department of Public safety. She hates the nickname almost as much as she hates her partner, and no matter how hard she tries, she cannot distance herself from the sleaze bag.

The novella, Jester, begins in Plano, Texas, where one of our lead characters, Jester the Clown, has a history of seeing ghosts. So many ghosts it drives him to the bottle, to murder, to jail, and then finally to a mental institute, where he disappears from everyone. At least, until a brilliant and methodical serial killer is on the loose and Krisztina stumbles on to him.

As the murder count rises, and Krisztina is at a dead end, she must sober Jester up to catch the monster before the monster kills her. However, sobering him up is an impossible task – Jester doesn’t want to sober up. He doesn’t want to see the ghosts. He doesn’t want to witness again and again their horrors, and more importantly, their pleas for vengeance.

As Krisztina traverses through the crime scenes and the lack of evidence, her affection for Jester grows so much so she begins to believe in his delusions, that he can actually see ghosts.

Jester is by far Krisztina’s toughest case and what she learns about herself helps her grow into the woman she has always wanted to be.

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