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Why don’t I blog

by on Aug.26, 2013, under General Topic

I was speaking with a friend this morning about blogging and she asked why I don’t blog — not her words exactly but the best I could comprehend when that word is used. Of course, I defended in that nasal sort of way saying, “I BLOG!” and she continued as if I had not responded with, “You’re a writer at heart, blogging should come easy for you, and the good Lord knows you like to talk.”

That comment brought on the wrath of a silent treatment toward her, so I crossed my arms and shut her down. My eyes glazed over and the opening in my ear canal shrunk just enough to block out the drone of her voice but not too narrow that I couldn’t hear Katy Perry in the background rockin on about her skin tight jeans.

I mentally argued, “I blog.”

Then I thought, Well. A little. I suppose.

I then came out of my stupor and said, “With the social media, the blatant blare of technology, and the inundation of hundreds, if not thousands of emails daily, Facebook, and Twitter, who has time to blog? Who has the time to sit and blog about something that a thousand or more people have already blogged about. I sure don’t want to blog about the current events, the daily/nightly news sends a shiver down my back with all the chaos in the world and I’m pretty sure my opinion would just tick people off…

Then she came back with, “Write about your hobbies.”

That stumped me.

Believe it or not.

The writer/speaker in me had nary a comeback whatsoever. Silent, except for a gurgle down at the bottom of my throat that I refused to clear. I’d be damned if I was going to give her the satisfaction of knowing she shut me up.

Write about my hobbies?

Hell, I’d say writing is my hobby—would love to make it my job—and it’s something I love to do, so yeah, I guess I could blog about writing. I suppose.

Then I started to say, “Half of the blogs you read are about someone’s hobby. You probably could build just about anything you want by just reading blogs or watching YouTube, which to me is a video blog,” but I didn’t. I stood fast on ignoring her.

Plus, I was running out of excuses damned fast.

But DAMN IT, I BLOG. A little. I suppose.

Then it dawned on me, CL, the CEO of Dark Red Press had said the same thing just a week or so ago, saying almost the same exact thing as Dorothy said this morning. CL even went as far as suggesting ideas for me to blog about (he knows me well. I run on about 6 out of 8 cylinders half the time), and even went as far as trying to encourage me (damn! He knows me way too well).

Both had said, with a slight chortle mind you, you can always write a blurb about your books and then when you run out of words, if that’s even possible, you can always post a chapter, if not a chapter, maybe a paragraph, or worst case your favorite quote. Did you notice, “when you run out of words, if that’s even possible?” I did and I hate it when I learn something about myself in those subtle ways, but I’m digressing here.

So now, I’m sitting here wondering … Okay. I could write a paragraph about each novel, or dig through them looking for my favorite quote, starting with my favorite novel and go from there. Post the one paragraph or my favorite quote, and then the chapter and I’d have a blog for that day (OMG! That day!), but then I realized how a parent felt when someone would squeak out that dreaded line, “Which kid is your favorite?”

Each is my favorite until the next one comes along. Yeah. Fickle. But what can I say. It’s an honor to have a story written, published and read by someone, so in their own right (if a novel could have a right) they all become my favorites of sorts. That’s not to say there isn’t one you’re not totally fond of, like the kid that can’t stay out of trouble. You love him/her but you’d love to kill him/her. See. I’m moving into an area I have zip expertise except through hearsay.

Sooo, my blog for today is, why don’t I blog.

I do blog. A little. I suppose.

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